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Solana $QINGEN

QINGEN White Paper


QINGEN is a decentralized token issued by Qingen Xu on the Solana blockchain. Leveraging the Solana network, QINGEN is the world’s first cryptocurrency created for political purposes, designed to support Qingen Xu’s Chinese presidential campaign. This white paper outlines the vision, features, and roadmap for QINGEN, emphasizing its role in transforming political funding and participation.

Introduction Background 

Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the way we think about finance and investment. QINGEN takes this innovation further by merging blockchain technology with political campaigning. With a fixed total supply of 10 billion QINGEN, this token is poised to enable secure, transparent, and efficient funding for Qingen Xu’s presidential campaign, while offering unique investment opportunities.


The primary mission of QINGEN is to democratize political funding and participation, allowing supporters to invest in Qingen Xu’s vision for China. By purchasing QINGEN, investors not only support a political campaign but also participate in a broader movement towards political transparency and engagement.

Token Details

  • Token Name: QINGEN

  • Token Symbol: QINGEN

  • Token Standard: Solana

  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 QINGEN

  • Contract Address: B8jFMptwzx47eUtGGmQwkTcurgYiFACtePP859ih9RtT

  • Burn Schedule: Burn 1 million QINGEN weekly

Token Distribution

  • Campaign Funding: 50%

  • Development and Operations: 20%

  • Marketing and Community Building: 15%

  • Reserve Fund: 10%

  • Advisors and Partners: 5%

Use of Funds The funds raised through QINGEN will be utilized for various campaign-related activities, including:

  • Marketing and Promotion: Enhancing visibility and outreach through various media channels.

  • Campaign Events: Organizing rallies, debates, and public engagements.

  • Operational Costs: Covering administrative and logistical expenses.

  • Technological Development: Ensuring robust and secure infrastructure for managing campaign activities and supporter interactions.

Roadmap Q2 2024

  • Launch QINGEN.

  • Develop and launch the official QINGEN website and wallet.

Q3 2024

  • Expand marketing efforts and community engagement.

  • List QINGEN on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Q4 2024

  • Organize campaign events funded by QINGEN.

  • Enhance blockchain infrastructure for transparency and security.

2025 and Beyond

  • Continue to support Qingen Xu’s presidential campaign.

  • Explore additional use cases for QINGEN in political and social contexts.

Governance and Transparency QINGEN is committed to maintaining the highest standards of transparency and governance. Regular updates on fund usage, campaign progress, and token distribution will be provided to all stakeholders. A dedicated team will oversee the project’s compliance with relevant regulations and best practices.

Conclusion QINGEN represents a groundbreaking fusion of blockchain technology and political campaigning. By supporting Qingen Xu’s vision for China through the purchase of QINGEN, investors become part of a transformative movement towards greater political engagement and transparency. Join us in this pioneering endeavor and invest in the future of political participation with QINGEN.

This white paper provides a comprehensive overview of QINGEN, outlining its purpose, structure, and roadmap. 

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