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Xu Qingen, born in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, China, was born in October 1991. After graduating from university, he has been working in a regulated securities firm in the field of financial derivatives. During July 2021, he accidentally became a " human high-quality male " in mainland China. The subject of " human high-quality male" unexpectedly became an Internet celebrity. After becoming an Internet celebrity, he leaked the real situation of British society after going to the United Kingdom in 2017 to Weibo fans on Weibo, because the content spread was completely different with the media propaganda content of the Chinese Communist Party, and then affected the regime of the Communist Party of China, and was slandered, framed, and comprehensively blocked and banned by the Chinese Communist Party.


In 2023, Xu Qingen fled to the UK and applied for political asylum here. He is committed to promoting China's democratization process. He believes in democracy and science. He believes that China will definitely democratize in the future, but it will take some time. Because he has always been dissatisfied with the Chinese Communist Party's continued deception and brainwashing of the Chinese people, and its continued use of lies to deceive the international community and English-speaking people, Xu Qingen began to try to promote Chinese democracy in 2023 in the name of running for the "first president of democratic China" ,this process will allow people in all English-speaking countries to increase their understanding of the real China, especially in the fields of human rights, humanitarianism, freedom, dignity, fairness and justice, democracy, etc., so that they will not be deceived by the Chinese government and the Communist Party of China. Especially the younger generation.


Since Xu Qingen supported Mr. Peng Lifa on the international Internet in 2023, he has been continuously threatened and harassed by third-party cyber trolls outsourced by the Chinese Communist Party. Until now, it continues every day. Xu Qingen has already called the police in the UK,Filed. And Xu Qingen promised to continue to promote China's democratization process.



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